Building on more than 25 years of innovation and experience, Vitro scient is a technology driven-fast growing company focusing on providing highly reliable quality assays through research, development, manufacturing and marketing of in vitro diagnostics. Vitro glucose reagent combines the use of glucose oxidase enzymes with the peroxidase/phenol / 4-aminoantipyrine system of Trinder for the measurement of glucose in human serum, urine, or CSF. Although many technological advances to diagnostic reagents have been implemented to improve reagent stability specially for liquid stable reagents (LS). However, these LS reagents failed to fulfil conformity criteria due to: Enzyme deterioration over storage period. Spontaneous coloration over storage period Interferences from lipids, bilirubin and hemoglobin. Enzymax is a solution rather than a new line of reagents with unsurpassed stability. The continuous effort of Vitro Scient R&D researchers has succeeded to launch ENZYMAX reagents having the power to resist all causes of enzyme and reagent deterioration. In the same time an unrivaled combination of surfactants and interference inhibitors have totally eliminated the undesired effects of lipidemia, hyperbilirubinemia and hemolysis.


Vitro scient will consistently go to the extra distance to anticipate customer’s business and technological requirements understand and solve customer’s problems and ensure that we add value to the customers’ bottom line.

We are confident of our success through consistent professional commitment to our mission.


To acquire and maintain market leadership in all segments of diagnostics industry through the solid scientific background of our staff and continuous investments in R&D coupled with dedication to customer service.


Vitro scient takes pride in its exceptional team of experts with multi-levels of experience spanning the full range of products. Through the dedication of our employees and the high performance of our products, Vitro scient will consistently exceeds customer’s expectations in development and manufacturing of diagnostic reagents.


Since its inception, Vitro Scient has redefined the fundamental purpose of our working relationships. We insist to break away from the old model of “make stuff and sell stuff” and accept the realities of the market place. Today, information and capabilities - not products - form the basis of competitive advantage. In this new environment, Vitro Scient/distributors working relationship is not just about moving products from the point of creation to the point of consumption. Nor is it about providing market coverage. Rather, it's about collecting, managing, and sharing information that can be used to spot and capitalize on opportunities long before our competitors.

Working relationships in which both parties continue to complain and place blame yet they do little to change the situation are doomed to failure.

Vitro Scient and distributors must develop goals that are customer focused, mutually beneficial, explicit, measurable, and realistic given conditions in our industry. These goals will provide the working relationship with a sense of purpose and direction that will ultimately lead to higher levels of trust and commitment.

Through a growing international distribution network of distribution partners, Vitro Scient has a strong presence worldwide while maintaining the flexibility of a small company. Customers benefit from local assistance based on deep global insight.

As with its customers, Vitro Scient maintains long-term relationships and close cooperation with all its distribution partners. These relationships translate into rapid, reliable and efficient services for our customers.

Commitment to Quality

Since its inception, Vitro scient has been committed to providing products of consistently high quality. Vitro scient has implemented an internal Quality Management System that conforms with international standards. We are complying for ISO 13485-2003 and CE regulations to have an independent verification of our internal quality standards.

Vitro Scient has a GMP-compliant and ISO 13485 certified facility. Vitro Scient has material flow control, personal flow control, and campaign-style manufacturing which help create robust, consistent, and reproducible products for you.
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